Full Moon Ritual: Libra Super Moon 2019

Full Moon Ritual: Libra Super Moon 2019

Full moon rituals have been around for centuries. As the moon controls our feminine cycle and the tide, it is only right that we honour her with a ritual. The full moon is a perfect time to reflect on our wishes, release any negativity and go forth with our new intentions. Moreover, it is a beautiful way to practice self love and give gratitude to the universe and our guided higher purpose.

Your Sacred Space

Begin by preparing up your sacred space. You may have already established a sacred alter in your home, or wish to do so now. It is best created in a space where you can move around and lie down if necessary. This particularly key if you are performing body scans or are meditating laying down.  This sacred space is where you can come and sit in dialogue with your soul and tune in with love. You want to make sure that it is welcoming and represents a part of you.

Within your sacred space I would suggest a few candles, incense, crystals and fresh flowers. Include a bowl of water in the centre of your sacred space too where you can cleanse your crystals. I use a clear quartz and citrine throughout my ritual and then soon after, charge them overnight in in the light of the full moon.

If you have burning sage, I would cleanse the space of any negative energy before entering and beginning your ritual. Picture the negativity melting away and recite positive affirmations as you smudge your sage.

Body Scan

Once your sacred space is formed, candles are lit and your space is cleansed, you can lie down for a body scan.

Find a comfortable space to lay down, with your palms facing up beside you on the floor. Begin your body scan by visualising a white light penetrating your feet, moving up through your calves, to your knees, your thighs and into your hips. Focus on the light moving through your stomach, over your chest and down each arm until it reaches your finger tips. Move back through your arms, to your shoulders and into your head. Visualise the white light pouring out of every part of your body and breath into it.


You can continue to lie in this position to meditate, or find a more comfortable seated position. If you do feel sleepy lying down, simply bend your knees and rest your feet firmly on the floor. Practice a simple meditation, or find a guided one as you wish, for as long as you feel comfortable. 5-15 minutes will be perfect to begin with. When you feel ready, return back to the room and open your eyes.

Full Moon Ritual: Libra Super Moon 2019

Letting Go

After your meditation, grab a pen and paper and write out everything you wish to let go of. Do not force what to write, allow it to naturally flow. These can be past patterns, self-doubt, old relationships, childhood trauma – get it all out on paper. Once you have released the negativity, underneath your words write the following;

‘Universe, I am ready to release all that does not serve my higher purpose. I am choosing to let go of what no longer serves me and my higher good. And so it is.’ 


The next stage is writing ‘I am’ affirmations. Write what you wish to be and dream big. It could be ‘I am good enough’, ‘I am a successful writer’ or ‘I am attracting love and light into my life’. Write out as many affirmations as possible and repeat them back to yourself in your mind or out loud. Underneath write the following;

‘Universe, I am ready to receive this reality. I am open to stepping into my higher purpose and allowing you to guide me every step of the way. Thank you, thank you, thank you.’

If you have the chance, burn the papers. Begin by burning the negativity you wish to let go of and then your affirmations. Stay focused on the energy and the powerful present moment.


Finally, take a moment to just be. Express gratitude for everything that has happened since the previous full moon. Write down what you are grateful for if possible. Celebrate the highs and the lows, remembering that the lows are lessons for our higher good. Visualise how your path has changed, and welcome in new beginnings. Reap the benefits of your intentions you may have made earlier in the lunar cycle. Be aware of opportunities that were presented for you to heal and grow.

Cleanse Your Crystals 

Close your full moon ritual by cleansing your crystals in the water. As you soak them, set your intentions for the following cycle. What do you want to achieve by the time the next full moon appears? Remove them from the water and allow them to soak up the energy of the full moon. If possible,  place them outside on the earth or if not on your windowsill overnight.  On the following morning they will be charged with your new intentions and positivity.

Full Moon Ritual: Libra Super Moon 2019

Bonus: Consult Your Oracle Cards

If you possess the Moonology Oracle Cards, then finalise your ritual with a Full Moon spread.

  1. The first card you choose will represent what is falling away and what you need to forgive.
  2. The second card represents what the illuminated super moon is showing you.
  3. The final card states what comes next.

Make note of the card spread in your journal. How can you use these three messages to guide you into the next lunar cycle?

What positives can you take from the cards you had chosen?

Repeat this ritual every full moon to feel the benefits of this pinnacle point in the lunar cycle. Allow yourself to surrender to what is and what will be.

Do you have a full moon ritual?


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