How To Live In Tune With The Moon

How to live in tune with the moon, it sounds a little ‘woo-woo’ right? Just as the tide is in tune with the moon, believe it or not, so are we. Women are said to be most in tune with the moon as the lunar cycle correlates with our personal cycle. The new moon especially is a natural time to menstruate as this sacred time is said to lift the veil between the subconscious and conscious. Therefore we can tune into our intuition and access our spiritual powers.

When we are aligned to the phases of the moon, it gives us a better understanding of our emotions and our productivity. At times of the month we may wonder why we are suddenly irritable, sluggish or overtly full of energy. In most cases, these emotions align with the lunar cycle and explain why we may be feeling a certain way. When we become aware of this, we can use our varying emotions and energy levels to our advantage. We will then know when it is best to manifest to our hearts content, reflect or retreat. When we align with the lunar cycle, everything else will begin to fall into place. Life will begin to align.

How To Live In Tune With The Moon

Live In Tune With The New Moon

The new moon is the perfect time to rest. We rush to set intentions and manifest to our heart’s content but that has to come with balance. It is a perfect time to look inward and tune into what your soul is trying to communicate. Take time to relax, meditate and forgive the past. The new moon marks a fresh cycle, a chance to start afresh and let go.

It’s the perfect time to…

♡ Journal your feelings and forgive your mistakes from the previous month. Tune into what you wish to create in the month ahead.

♡ Meditate and tune into what your soul is trying to communicate. Use crystals to heighten your spiritual intuition as well as incense and candles if you wish.

♡ Set intentions. What do you wish to manifest in the upcoming weeks? Identify what you intend to do and make a clear plan. Focus firstly on the what before you commit to the how.

Live In Tune With The Waxing Moon

As you feel more rested and in tune from the power of the new moon, the waxing moon comes shortly after. It is the perfect time to set goals for the month ahead and manifest, manifest manifest! Begin by identifying the things you want to do more of such as activities that nourish the soul and add them into your schedule. Continue to fill up your inner well by practicing self care and make time for self love.

It’s the perfect time to…

♡  Practice a manifestation meditation. Imagine and cultivate how you wish to feel when attaining what you desire and put it out into the universe.

♡ Refine your goals. What do you wish to achieve in this lunar cycle?

♡ Trust in the process. Truly believe in what you wish for can come into fruition. Have faith.

Live In Tune With The Full Moon

Full moons are known for the werewolf in us to appear. Emotions are heightened whether that is excitement and joy or sadness and anxiety. It’s a great time to take steps towards your goals but not to make very important decisions due to emotional instability.  Try to reflect on your journal entries to see what problems or ideas arose throughout the previous moon phases and how to solve or continue with them. As emotions will run high, find a way to channel them creatively or use exercise as a means of release. It is the perfect time to see the benefits of the intentions you set and how what you manifested slowly comes to life. Be open for change, it may appear different to how you imagined.

It’s the perfect time to…

♡  Reflect on the past month. Read through journal entries and assess any patterns in your mood.

♡ Get creative. Find a way to use those unstable emotions in a positive manner such as painting, drawing, dancing or cooking. If a good workout suits you, get moving!

♡ Be open to change. Identify how your path may have changed from what you intended and surrender. Go with the flow of life and see how the outcomes transforms your mindset.

Live In Tune With The Waning Moon

The waning moon appears as the full moon decreases. It is a time for decluttering both physically and mentally as well as assessing our progress. Look at letting go of toxic habits, rid yourself of past worries and practice self love. It is best to plan what habits you’d like to change in time for the new moon. The waning moon calls for self reflection and healing.

It’s the perfect time to…

♡ Practice self care. Take time for yourself and fill up your inner well. Get stuck into activities that nourish the soul.

♡ Start a daily gratitude journal. Be thankful for what you already have before you wish to welcome in the new.

♡ Make space for healing. Difficult thoughts and past trauma may have arisen throughout the lunar cycle. Give yourself space to break, repair and heal.

How do you tune into the moon?

I would love to hear your stories!



  1. Great one! 🙂

    First post I saw discribing the influence of the moon so well.

    I´ll definitely observe the cycle and try to focus on your recommendations.

    Just had to link it to a text I lately posted. It just fits so perfectly!


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