10 Ways To Practice Self Love On Valentine’s Day

10 Ways To Practice Self Love On Valentine's Day

Whether you are happily single or in a loving relationship, practicing self love on Valentine’s Day is a perfect way to celebrate.

Firstly, you do not need a dedicated day per year to show your affection to yourself or another. It is a highly commercialised event that can leave us feeling lonely, unworthy or in some cases temporarily better about ourselves. Society makes us believe that if we are single on Valentine’s day that there is something wrong with us and better yet we need to be putting ourselves ‘out there’ to date. We feel pressured to purchase gifts, pour words of love into card and shower another with affection. It becomes a competition of who can show the most love to another through spending money or sharing an ‘I love you’ on social media. As soon as February the 15th approaches, it is all forgotten about. Life continues, single or with a partner.

Regardless of your relationship status, practicing these 10 methods of self love on Valentine’s Day can leave you feeling in love with your life and your surroundings. Not to forget showing a little more love to those around you.

1. Meditate And Tune In

Meditation is a perfect way to practice self love. You are allowing yourself space to be, your mind to quieten and your body to soften. Once you tune in, you can allow your day to be guided by your higher purpose and what your heart truly desires. You may feel that you need to rest, to step outside of your comfort zone or simply enjoy all of your favourite past times. Spending 10-15 minutes in solitude will set the tone for the rest of Valentine’s Day. It remind you that you are enough as you are in the present moment.

2. Do Something Fun 

Sad that you’re single? Don’t be – go out and do something fun! Whether this is alone or with friends, spend the day doing something you enjoy. This could be taking up a new class, rediscovering your favourite childhood hobby or simply going our for drinks with friends. The more time spent enjoying the activities that light you up, the more you will attract the right people into your life. Single or taken, do something fun as you won’t regret it.

3. Self Care

Self care is vital to having a happy and healthy relationship with oneself. It looks different from one person to the next and that is perfectly fine too! I love watching my favourite Netflix show in the bath, taking in the smell of my favourite Lush bath bomb, watching as the glittery water melts upon my skin. Yet, I also love mindfully brewing my morning coffee and sipping it in the peace and quiet. It is the little acts of self care that light us up and make us feel happier. Don’t just save these acts for V day, try and do them daily if you can!

4. Express Gratitude

Expressing gratitude for what you have in your life is the perfect way to feel and share love. Whether you are expressing gratitude for your significant other, your best friends or your family, write it down or better yet tell them. In the years that I had been single, I found myself writing love letters to my best friends. I crafted handmade packages, highlighting my favourite qualities they possessed and all of the joy they bring into my life. I have done the same in relationships too, but made sure I expressed my love on a daily basis, not saving it for one day a year. Gratitude comes in many forms and you can choose how to express that. Whether you choose to keep a gratitude log, send a letter or write a meaningful text, let others know just how much they mean to you. And, if people aren’t part of your gratitude list, write about your own qualities and values. Love what makes you unique and beautiful.

5. Be Present

Being present with others is a loving act. Active listening isn’t the easiest skill to master, but practice makes perfect. Taking the time to be present in any interaction you have with others or even with yourself, is an act of love. Remove any distractions such as your phone or the TV and enjoy a genuine exchange of words.

6. Get Grounded

You can feel grounded by connecting to the earth. Earthing is a technique that allows you to feel the energetic power from beneath your feet when standing barefoot outdoors. You can ground yourself by extending your palms onto the bark of a tree and gently breath in the energy. You will feel the vibrations flow through you via your feet or hands and within moments you will feel more peaceful. This is an excellent way to calm your mind when feeling overwhelmed or to gain perspective. It may sound hippy and a little ‘woo woo’ but do not knock it until you try it!

7. Dance 

Dancing is one of the most underrated ways to shift your energy. Whether you are a professional, an amateur or even a complete beginner, dancing requires no skill. You simply need to move your body. This is best when done in the comfort of your own bedroom and allowing yourself to move freely to your favourite music. Once you begin your inhibitions will fall away and you will enjoy each movement. Why not throw a bit of singing in there too? Using your voice is another way to change your frequency and feel love.

8. Give A Gift To Yourself

Treating yourself is in no way a selfish act. If anything, it is selfless. I don’t necessarily mean rush out and go on a shopping spree, unless that is something that brings you deep joy. It is more focused upon gifting yourself some quality time and committing to a simple heartwarming act. For me it is sitting down with a hazelnut coffee or cooking myself a nutritious breakfast. If I am feeling like spending a little cash I would buy myself some Tulips or buy a new book. It really is that simple! Don’t feel guilty for gifting something to yourself.

9. Cook Yourself A Romantic Meal

Dining in alone is nothing to be sad about! You get to cook your favourite meal or best yet order in a takeaway. You don’t have to worry about another person’s taste preferences or their hate for pizza. You can eat as much pizza as you like, guilt-free! You may choose to mindfully cook your favourite dish, selecting the best ingredients from the supermarket and really treating yourself. Or, you may choose to cook for friends or family to show them your love. Think outside the box. But enjoy the dining in experience with yourself, you’re a catch.

10. Reflect On You

Reflect on all of the things that make you, you. You are unique and special in your own way. No other person is the same as you, how incredible is that? Focus on all of the qualities you love about yourself, your values and even your quirks that make you beautiful. Whether you have a partner or are single, your self-worth begins and ends with you. You can be told a million times over that you are beautiful and kind, but if you do not believe it yourself, the words lack meaning. Take time to reflect on the person you are and who you would like to become. Accept your imperfections and your flaws, they are part of you and your story.  That right there, this simple act, is self love.

How will you practice self love this Valentine’s Day?


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